Sports car was soo yesterday....

Lets earn some cash!!

Snap & Stare

Did someone juz said DSLR? Sorry, speak louder eh..i can't hear ya!!

Its not WHAT you drive. Its HOW you drive.


I loike this show TOP GEAR, particularly this one rite here. It's started with 5 supercars racing each other with a twist ...running only with 1 gallon(3.sumthin2 liters) of fuel!!

In this video, it showed that its not about horsepowers that matter but how EFFICIENT one car can be. This is of course not-your-average fuel-efficient car, but its fun to watch! This is where DESIRE meets PRACTICALITY(well..not that practical i guess)

Then the second segment comes to the more...down-to-earth-everyday-car. The so-called economical & environmental friendly PRIUS VS the BMW M3.

I leave it to you guys(and gals) to decide on what to do next. Happy driving.