Once upon a sketch...


There are times that a sketch-a-holic like me got STUCK!! On one particular day, I was so pumped up to get on my newsprint to put some ideas on my Aurora's rear design project. Then it happen. I just can't sketch!!!!

Nothing was goin according to plan. I can't even draw WHEELS!!! My head keep tellin me to sketch, but my hand juz can't keep up! Instead of sketching cars(like usual), I end up sketching a woman's face, doin circles n ellipses, 2 mugs, my left hand n my right foot.

Then it hit me! I was changing my theme to NATURE!! And I was enjoying it. It was relaxing n fun. So i came to a conclusion.

You can never go wrong with nature.


Finally!!!!! im home n wil turnin' my sketch-mode back on! dont hv the feelin' of scratching my newsprint juz yet as its been a looooong time leavin em behind. One thing when ur not sketching or even juz doodlin, u wil find it hard to get the momentum n of course THE STROKES ( no, not d band)...d quality of lines, d propotion..even d feelin of holding a pen would b like a baby tryin to write for d first time using d left hand ..n dat SUCKS!!

So help me god n lets pray for d better.
everything will come naturally.